Calling all female pioneers, seekers, wanderers – young women free of spirit with an appetite for adventure.
The world needs you.

What are you waiting for?

Money from mom and dad? A rich young man to sweep you off your feet? Or a healthy pension fund when you retire?

You can have the financial freedom to travel the world right now.

You don’t need to rely on someone else to give you a golden opportunity, or wait until you’re 50 or 60 years old. Instead of wasting your time in a low-paying job or snore-worthy degree that you dread every day, invest that time and energy into building your own business.

Then earn your own freedom. Travel, learn, connect and discover yourself. We can show you how.

Have you been a good girl?

If you go to a good college, get good grades, get a good job, with a good salary, work hard, then one day you can retire with a good pension, and then, then you’ll have the time and money to travel. Just be a good girl, and you can do what you want, one day…a few decades from now…

What a load of crap.

That model has been broken for years. Good grades don’t guarantee you a good job, and there’s almost zero chance you’d stay with the same employer anyway.

And as for enjoying freedom in retirement – do you really think that’s the best use of your life? To count down the days until you can give up work and start truly living? Do you really want to be the senior citizen crashing the party scene in Ibiza?

The traditional model of education and work is broken and has been for some time. And yet you’re still being taught how to play by those rules.

Wake up and learn the new game fast.

You can have your own business + make a difference in the world + travel.

Magazines, social media, school, books…they’ve all got an opinion on who you should be, how you should look and what you should be doing. If you’re ready to stop striving for their acceptance, approval, and validation, then you’re ready to be a Nomad Mogul.

Nomad Mogul students are trailblazing young women who dream of a full, meaningful, adventurous life.

If the thought of 5 days a week, 9-5, with one holiday a year makes you feel like you’re suffocating, then you’re in the right place.

Nomad Moguls is more than just a business school. It’s a life school. We’re an online school that can equip you with the skills and education you need to enjoy financial and time freedom.

What We Deliver

Business Education

Our courses teach students to develop and grow their own successful enterprises

Travel Experiences

We believe travel is essential to personal growth (and satisfying wanderlust)

Personal Development

We teach our students the resilience, self-belief and growth mindset they need to succeed.

Shared Insights

We interview some of the best young and experienced women entrepreneurs

A Supportive Community

Connect and collaborate with like-minded adventure-seekers and wild women

Sustainability and Service

We donate a portion of all profits to improving women’s education in developing countries

Taught by successful business women that are just like you.

We totally get it, and it’s not because we’re geniuses (ok, maybe a little bit). It’s because we’ve been there before, in your shoes. We know that insecurity and fear and wanderlust like it’s our own – because it was!

Meet the Nomad Moguls founders, Kelsey and Daphne.

Kelsey was only 18 when she traded college for entrepreneurship and bought a one-way ticket to Brazil, founding a branding studio and doubling revenue every year. Over the past 3 years she’s hiked, biked, sunbathed and samba’d her way down the coast of Brazil from São Paulo to Porto Alegre and back in a 2001 ghetto gold-colored VW, all the while discovering her hidden love affair with both frozen açaí and self-improvement.

Daphne has created and developed multiple successful enterprises, including a high-tech company that made more than $5 million in sales in the first four years of operation. (fill in info about experience with coaching, meditation, self-development, amazing sailing trip?)

So, are you ready to be a Nomad Mogul?

If you’re…

-ok with conforming to the regular school – career – retirement path
-waiting to marry a successful man and be taken care of
-scared to do things differently

Then you don’t need us. Your school, the media and your local community will show how to live a regular life.

We’re here for the wild ones, the lively ones, the passionate, enthusiastic, untameable ones.

For the girls determined to make their own way in the world, while seeing the world and serving the world.

The girls who want success on their own terms, to make money running their own business, to contribute to the global community, balance work with adventure and live a life of significance.

If that sounds like you, welcome to Nomad Moguls. You’re going to love it here, and we’re going to love having you as part of the crew.

How to get started

Get your Nomad Moguls Insider Pass

For only $10/month, get access to exclusive interviews, resources, and our Nomad Moguls community. Join the NM Insider Facebook group, ask your burning questions in our live Q & A sessions, get feedback for your ideas, and have fun!

Get inspired; Get guts; Get money; Get a plan. Then GO for it! You’ve got this.

Join the Trailblazer Academy waitlist

Reserve your spot in our 9-month flagship business school. Using our inside-out approach, we’ll teach you everything from money mindset to brand strategy to accounting and so. much. more.

Confront the biggest fears holding you back, come up with a rock-solid business plan, meet and connect with other wild women and make some serious cash!

Travel with us on our next Retreat

Twice a year we lead an international self-development and business-oriented retreat. Hear from other trailblazing women entrepreneurs, group mastermind through your biggest struggles and questions, and of course, experience the local sights and culture!

Travel while learning how to make money to pay for even more travel!

Get our free mini-series, The Inside-Out Mindset.

 Are you constantly wondering about whether you're good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, unique enough, successful enough or all of the above?

Does the thought of social media stress you out, because you know you'll just feel even worse about yourself after a couple scrolls through Instagram?

Our free mini-series will help you take the focus away from the outside world and its rules, judgements, expectations and opinions, and focus on your inner world.

We'll teach you what beliefs are, how to identify the ones shape your world outlook, and how to challenge and overcome those that don't serve you so you can become the rockstar you were meant to be!

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